Complex information security services including
Penetration testing, Reverse engineering and Vulnerability management


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Information Technology is wide spreading and fast growing business direction. Nowadays, IT is not only useful part, which helps to provide working needs but also core element of infrastructure.

Despite that, software and hardware are getting easier, more sophisticated and user friendly, the number of complex chained problems and issues are growing exponentially.

For example, security vulnerabilities are very dangerous and not so obvious at first sight. It is very difficult to develop new informational business process and grow up it to useful concept at first time. Especially money and time consuming is crucial! It is very expensive and not so fast to hire proper IT specialists as regular employees to your company. However, outsource is key for this problem.

You can save resources and concentrate on main functions and operations

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Ukraine is the most convenient country for outsource IT projects. Why? Everyone know that Western counties are too expensive, and Eastern not so qualitative and confidential for this type of services. Ukraine has a great population of experienced old-school engineers as well as young geeks. This combination of wisdom an enthusiasm generate modern powerful cybernation and our company is obvious result of this trend.

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Information Security

  • Vulnerability management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Security code review


  • Desktop development
  • Mobile development
  • Web development

Administrative Support

  • Thread intelligence conception development
  • Secure web servers configuration
  • Administration of IPS system
  • IT-security project management

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